DX Code of Conduct

    By Randy W6SJ

    Ethical operating procedures is at the heart of creating a pleasurable operating experience for all parties. To emphasize that we created the DX Code of Conduct project about a year ago. We have had over 17,000 unique visitors to our website. The Code has been translated into over 30 languages in an effort to reach the entire ham community, not just DXers.

    In addition to our supporters, most of the recent DXpeditions have linked to us from their websites. They think that the Code is a good way to tell those who want a QSO how they are expected to operate.

    We have a lot of educational material at the website on our Publications page. We particularly want to reach the new hams who will replace the Old Timers in the years to come. We want them to learn how to develop good operating habits early in their careers.

    We hope that all those who think ethics is important will take a few minutes and check us out. If you like what you see, link to us from your website or QRZ.COM webpage and be sure to tell your pals and members of your club.