DX-pedition to Ceva-I-Ra: Conway Reef 2009

    by Ronald Stuy PA3EWP


    Twenty years ago in 1989 Conway Reef was activated as 3D2CR for the first time by a German group under the leadership of Hawa, DK9KX, with co-leader Dieter, DJ9ON, XYL Annemie, DF3KX, Rolf, DF9KH and Harry, DL8CM, who became SK a few years ago.

    In the meantime operations took place in 1989, 1990, 1995, 2001. In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first activation the special call sign 3D20CR was issued by the authorities in Suva on Fiji.

    Conway Reef is a coral island in the Pacific. During low water it has a size of app. 300 by 100 meter. Ten thousands of birds live on the island. There are no trees, only bushes about 2 meter high, where all these birds live. There is nothing else on the island. It belongs to Fiji and is located about 450 KM southwest of the main island.

    The actual operation lasted for 10 days during the period of 30 Sept to 09 Oct 2009. [full story]