DX Summit Soon Ready For 2-Way Communication


    July 1, 2009

    The Radio Arcala DX Summit portal is celebrating the milestone of one million monthly hits over a course of several months and more than 110.000 people spending an average of 35 minutes on the site daily.

    The top five nations using the service are as follows: USA (28.5%) followed by Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.

    In total, users from 170 DXCC countries have entered the service portal. With new visits approaching 19% during the month of May, an increase of users is quite evident. In the process of making the DX Summit service more focused on younger user segments and non-amateur radio population, two features have been added recently. Each spotting and spotted callsign is automatically linked to QRZ.COM, providing a more human link to the personal profiles of people and to their pictures. Just click the callsigns and you will automatically enter the relevant QRZ.COM page. Additionally, each line carries the name of the DXCC country spotted.

    In a few months time, custom selected filters will be provided to the public allowing users to receive personalized spots that they would like to receive. While initially the selected spots will be sent to your personal email address, the ultimate aim is to offer an SMS (short message service) option to DX Summit users.

    This service is a non-profit exercise for Radio Arcala, OH8X but we are pleased to recognize Yasme Foundation and Nokia Corporation for their support of further development and defrayment of operating expenses of the portal. As the servers are in the hands of a professional service provider in the United States, some interruptions are recorded and changing the service provider is in process.

    Also, a Help Desk for regular users and for S/W developers is being set up. Here it is suggested that DX Summit open a channel for accepting voluntary donations to keep the Help Desk operational. On a trial basis, through PayPal, DX Summit accepts donations and, additionally, following a donation of 10 USD or 10 EUR, Radio Arcala will send you a full-color Radio Arcala wall calendar postpaid. This option is valid only for the months of July and August.

    We thank you for your support of and interest in Radio Arcala DX Summit.
    The OH8X Team