DX University Press Release 4

    “DX University”â„¢ will take place at Visalia, California on Friday 20 April.

    It has quickly become a sell-out! Over 120 ‘Students’ have already reserved their place so we have increased the room-size. Instead of shutting out late-comers everyone is now welcome to book their seat at this ground-breaking event, the first of its kind. But pre-registration is required and there’s only three weeks to go!

    On the program are several of the world’s most renowned DXers who will share their knowledge. Here are tips on making your DXCC or on achieving Honor Roll: something for everyone.

    Go to www.dxuniversity.com to register: this is your final call. We hope to see you in the Californian spring sunshine.

    DX IS !

    Contact Wayne n7ng@bresnan.net or Roger g3sxw@btinternet.com with any queries.