DX0DX Pre-Assembly gathering at Fontana, California

    November 3 Update: An album of the pre-assembly gathering can be found here.

    • From Chris VK3FY – Team Leader DX0DX

    We finished the pre-assembling of all the HF antennas for DX0DX over this weekend just passed. The antennas are now tested and pre-tuned for immediate installation and getting up on air. Three sets of tribanders 30-17-12, three sets of tribanders 20-15-10 and two sets of 4el mono-banders for 20m.

    Our thanks to the following who helped out at the DX0DX Pre-Assembly gathering at Fontana, California. Chris VK3FY, David K3LP, Nik VK3FNIK, Arnie N6HC, Charlie W6KK, Bob N6OX, Milt W6QE, Dennis N7DDU, Byron NF7T and Richard Briano for their tireless efforts in helping to pave the way to successful activation.