DXpedition to Fox Islands (NA-186)

    Cezar, VE3LYC is planning an expedition to one of the most wanted IOTA in the world.

    Fox Island - NA186

    Cezar explains below about his upcoming trip:

    “This group sits on the #1 position on the NA-IOTA Most Wanted list with only 3% of the IOTA members having it confirmed. The only activation was back in 1993, for only a few hours.

    Several years ago Fox Islands have been designated polar bear resting site in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and became off limits for the public. Past Thursday (Feb 19) I have finally been informed that a permit has been issued for my DXpedition and I will be able to travel to the islands between March 31 and April 3. Note that I have also requested a special callsign from Industry Canada, but their evaluation is likely to take a little longer.

    I will travel with two professional guides who will provide transportation to the island by snowmobiles, bear watch and safety, as well as all logistical support required for such an operation. Outside temperature at that time of the year is expected to be around -10 C.

    If I’ll be able to obtain the special callsign, I will setup a page at QRZ.com where I will update everyone on what follows.”

    Fox Island2

    Costs of this operation are very high and Cezar is seeking any possible support from both group and individual donors.

    Cezar continues:

    “Any donation will be truly, very much appreciated. There are two things that I will include later on the QRZ.com page. First, about the QSLing. Those who choose to mail direct requests should check the cost of mail from Canada to them. QSL requests received with insufficient return postage will be automatically send via the bureau.

    Secondly, I will be camping in total wilderness, without internet access on the island. As such, DX Cluster posts addressed to me as criticism or requests are useless. I am determined to give all parts of the world a chance and I ask DXers to respect my direct calls.”

    Hope to meet you on the air.

    Cezar, VE3LYC

    Fox Island

    To support Cezar, please contact him at ve3lyc@hotmail.com