DXpedition to Swaziland, August 2009

    QTH of 3DA0SS
    QTH of 3DA0SS

    Just 2 months to go before we run the next expedition to Swaziland. This will be my 3rd operation as 3DA0DJ from Hawane Resort in Western Swaziland. Previous visits were in March 2007 with the IRTS 75th Jubilee DXpedition (Pete GI4VIV was our cw operator) and again last October. I have been fortunate enough to work 140 countries on phone from Hawane using this callsign (125 countries now confirmed).

    The purpose of this trip is to service a scout radio station at an International scout camp near Manzini with the callsign 3DA0SS. Unfortunately we do not anticipate having an ideal antenna setup at the campsite and we will be operating this callsign with wire antennas and relatively low power. However our main operation will again be from Hawane where there is a good antenna farm and we can run QRO. Although there are no major contests during the period we will be at Hawane – 30th July until 11th August – we have a large team of operators with a wide variety of mode and band interests so we will try to provide contacts with Swaziland on as many bands and modes as possible. Hopefully this should include EME on 2m. Hal Lund ZS6WB will be with us again and he made EME contacts to 100 countries during the March 2007 expedition.

    The team at the moment includes –

    • David GI4FUM/EI4DJ/3DA0DJ
    • Tony G4LDL
    • Gerry M0VAA
    • Malcolm GM3TAL
    • Mike NC4MM
    • Yuri UT5EL
    • Gregory ZS6GDM
    • Hal ZS6WB

    All team members will be operating under their own 3DA0 callsigns. There is also an expedition to Lesotho running at the same time as the Swaziland expedition.

    I am now hoping to put together a web page to service the Swaziland expedition through which skeds may be arranged. I am also looking for someone (or more) people to provide a daily blog of what we are doing and to keep the page ticking over. Internet access from Swaziland is not good but we will find ways to keep in touch with our contacts in the UK so that the page can be updated. Volunteers should contact me by email asap.

    David GI4FUM/EI4DJ/3DA0DJ