E51AND – Palmerston Atoll OC-124

    Sept 23: Andy has now left Palmerston Atoll and will be operating from Rarotonga (South Cooks) until September 30th.

    Sept 17: Andy E51AND mentions he shall be leaving Palmerston Atoll on 19th or 20th September depending on ship departure.

    [August 30] — This is not a DXpedition – I am stranded on the Atoll until a ship comes. Possibly 16 or 17th September. I have minimal equipment with me and there are no stores or supplies on island so it is “make do with what we have!”.

    Operating using a solar charged battery power FT857D into a Snowdonia Radio Co. SRCX80 5m vertical. CW is hand key and paper logging in a school exercise book. Life on island is COMPLETELY different from anything one might experience in the US or Europe and operating is interrupted by things like the battery being used to pump water, the social demands of my host family, a visit from the island secretary…

    I’m not a DXer and not skilled at operating pile ups — please be patient with me. On CW please QRS to <8wpm if you want me to respond — demonstrating your CW prowess will guarantee that I wont be able to copy you. I work only the QRS stations.

    I’m sure that my sudden disaapearance from a pile up, or my amateurish operating procedures are frustrating to some — but I’m doing the best I can to work as many people as possible — I know it has been a decade since OC124 was active. Please be patient ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks. Andy

    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/E51and20cw.mp3|titles=E51and20cw-tnx KH6CG]

    August 27, 2012 — We are quite literally marooned on Palmerston Atoll (IOTA OC124) โ€“ a tiny atoll โ€“ population 63 in the South Pacific about 300 miles NW of Rarotonga and 480 miles SE of Samoa.

    The sailing vessel we were aboard as passengers experienced significant damage and we put ashore at Palmerston; lucky to be alive!! However, we are stranded here until a ship arrives to give us passage back to Rarotonga โ€“ looks as if it will be in mid September so I shall be operating from here – see below.

    Palmerston Island is a coral sand islet on the atoll โ€“ it is approximately 12 feet above sea level and about 500 yards in diameter. We are being hosted by a local family and have adequate food and shelter. Water here is collected rain water but the quality of life is remarkably good though VERY different from the US.

    Electric Power and SLOW internet are on from 6am to noon and 6pm to midnight only internet within 5m of the Telecom shack. I have a radio with me and have a 5m vertical with no ground radials and a solar power battery system that gives me only 9v on transmit so my output is around 50watts. Noise levels here are very low and I can hear a lot of stations, but they cannot hear me. Trying to check into the ANZA net nightly (14.183 @05:15Z) with some success and have been calling around 14.050 around 0400Z.

    QSLs for Palmerston will not be available until the end of October. QSL via AB7FS only.