Easter Island to hit the air in November, ops needed!

    Mysterious statues - Moais at Easter Island. Picture courtesy of Tsuyoshi JJ2NYT
    Mysterious statues - Moais at Easter Island. Picture courtesy of Tsuyoshi JJ2NYT

    If you haven’t got CE0Y confirmed so far or missing on some bands, mark your calendar between October 31 and November 15, 2009. A small group of Polish and Greek operators have set dates for their stay at Rapa Nui aka Easter Island – the mysterious spot in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The team consists of some recent operators to VK9LA Lord Howe island: Stan SQ8X and Vicky SV2KBS. They will sign as CE0Y/home-calls.

    After a real battle to secure tickets and suitable accommodation (the island is a very popular tourist destination and it’s actually overbooked during high season), they finally found a good spot in Hanga Roa.

    – We’ve got really hooked by the dx-virus after our fantastic experience at Lord Howe earlier this year so we didn’t hesitate to chose another destination in autumn, says Stan SQ8X. Why Easter Island while there are many other rarer entities?  There were a few factors we decided. The island has always been very top on our dream destinations list. It’s not top most wanted DXCC but there is still a strong demand on contacts with that entity, especially in Europe, which will be our main target. This doesn’t mean we will omit the rest of the world, of course. Moreover, the place merges the best of what we’re looking for: unique dx-location and a site of extraordinary cultural and environmental heritage. We plan to utilize 2 independent stations for almost 2 weeks. We also plan to create something special regarding our confirmations that haven’t been used for QSLing so far. This is gonna be a little bit extraordinary, but it’s a secret for now. We really wish to share experiencing our forthcoming stay at the island with the ham radio community as much as we can, adds Stan SQ8X.

    All details regarding exact band plan, equipment, operating shifts and website address will be announced very soon.

    The team is also looking for 1-2 additional operators to join the DXpedition.
    A previous experience in similar enterprises is most welcome. If you wish to join, drop an email at: stan.sq8x (at) gmail.com and list your experience and plans. Note: be quick as securing your accommodation is a top issue.