Eight African Operations Approved for DXCC Credit

    ARRL DXCC Manager Bill Moore, NC1L, reports that eight operations in Africa —

    • 9Q/DK3MO (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
    • 3C0C (Annobon)
    • 3C9B (Equatorial Guinea)
    • 3V9A (Tunisia)
    • 3V0A (Tunisia)
    • TS7TI (Tunisia, also includes /p operation)
    • TS8P (Tunisia, also includes /p operation)
    • TS9A (Tunisia)

    — have been approved for DXCC credit. All operations — with the exception for the 9Q/DK3MO — are 2010 operations. The 9Q/DK3MO operation is good for operations commencing in 2007 through the present.