European Press Release: KP5 – Desecheo Island.

    KP5 Team Prepares for Europe!

    The KP1-5 Project is very aware of the need for KP5 (Desecheo) in Europe. Previous DXpeditions contended with an obstructed path to Europe making working this #3 most needed country, difficult at best.

    During the recent reconnaissance trip to KP5, agreement was reached that will allow antennas to be placed on a ridgeline above the helipad that will give a clear path to Europe! The team wants to provide as many EU hams with a QSO as possible.

    The following photos show the problem and the plan??




    The KP1-5 Project will appreciate the support from each and every European ham as we prepare to activate KP5!

    Please visit our website, to support this DXpedition.