F4BKV/BY7PP & B7P – Guangzhou City, China

    [October 29] Vincent now QRV on 40m SSB as F4BKV/BY7PP.


    [October 26] Prior to his DU-IOTA OC-244 trip, Vincent F4BKV will be active on Friday, October 29th before the SSB contest as F4BKV/BY7PP, mainly focusing on low band (160m & 80m) SSB and PSK31. QSL via homecall and LOTW.

    Vincent will also be participating in the CQWW SSB Contest from the BY7PP/B7P club station. This year, the station lead by Terry, BA7NQ will host an international team composed of EB5BBM, IK7YTT, F4BKV, OH6RX, OH7WV, K9JKA, VR2YDC, VR2AAW, VR2KW, VR2XZK, VR2YTK, together with local Chinese operators BA7JA, BA7NQ, BA7IN, BA7JC, BD7MLY, BD7IXG, BD7IBS, BA7JG, BA7JS, BA7IA, BD7LMD, BD7MFB, BD7KSF.

    The team will enter the Multi Multi category with high motivation to set a new country record.