Father John, HH6JH contacted his brother

    Father John Henault, HH6JH, in the midst of the Haiti disaster, has been trying to contact his brother since the onset of the earthquake. However, Father John was unable to get an international phone line out of Haiti.

    HH6JH – (Credit: Brian Crow, K3VR recording)

    Today, radio conditions were poor and Father John was garbled and barely readable. Finally, at 10:18 AM local time, on January 22, after passing information regarding needed supplies to Fred Moore, W3ZU, in Florida, Father John was able to chat briefly with his brother, Gerald Henault, WA1WOB, in Sutton Massachusetts. With phone lines in Father John’s area unreliable and the Internet unavailable, this contact was only possible via amateur radio, with the aid of the Intercontinental Traffic Net on 14.300 mHz.

    Credit: K3VR