FH/DJ7RJ & TO7RJ – Mayotte

    Mayotte, AF-027
    Mayotte, AF-027

    Well known DXpeditioner, Willi DJ7RJ will be QRV as TO7RJ from Mayotte, AF-027.

    Previously, Willi has been active as 5R8RJ, J79RJ, T20MW, ZK3MW, 5W0MW, ZK2ZL, A35ZL, S79RJ & SV5/DJ7RJ among others.

    As follows:

    • TO7RJ – Sept 22 to Oct 21
    • FH/DJ7RJ – Oct 22 to 24’09

    Activity on 10 – 160m  and perhaps 50 MHz.  CW and SSB.

    QSL both callsigns via DJ7RJ.