Four new ops: Ethiopia

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    Just over two weeks ago a request from a newly licensed Ethiopian operator arrived. Unfortunately, no such assistance has occured. To follow up this request, Sid ET3SID / ET3AA has been in contact to explain more.

    In the hope help is forthcoming – and to have Ethiopia on the air regularly – below is written in full by Sid.

    I have trained up four young amateurs who have sat the RSGB International Examination and have successfully passed. Now is the crunch time – they need equipment and antennas/amps and associated gear. Is there anyone out there who can help in this regard to supply and ship to Ethiopia? Quantity 4 x 100watt HF rigs etc. They have no money so they cannot pay [for such items]. As far as import duty is concerned I shall  try to cover that.

    I have not been successful in obtaining help from anyone in the twenty years I have been here. I, alone, have been running ET3AA [Ethiopian Amateur Radio Socity) and of course ET3SID except when ZL1RS Bob Sutton came here for a couple of months in 2007.

    If you, your club / organisation are willing to help four new young radio amateurs from Ethiopia, please either leave a comment above or contact: