FT5GA – Glorioso Dxpedition 2009


    Press Release – June 9, 2009


    The Glorieuses 2009 team gathered at Frank??s F4AJQ last weekend, June 6 and 7, with some F6KOP Team members.

    During these two days, all the time was spent to tune the antennas, to teach the Dxpeditioners about their settings, and to cordinate all of the packages.

    Finally, 4 complete stations, with each at least 800 watts PA will be settled on Glorioso main island, to be active as close as possible 24h a day.

    The antenna farm will consist of 2 Spiderbeam 10-15-20 ?? an other for 12-17-30 ?? An Inverted L for 160m, one V10, one V80 and one HF2V 80-40. Some other vertical elements are packed too; so is also a K9AY array receiving system.

    A 6 meters station will monitor the Magic band, but only into a G5RV.

    The complete crew (we hope it will not change) consists of : F5IRO Freddy ?? F5PRU Yves ?? F5RQQ Jean-Marc ?? F5TLN Sylvain – F4EGS Philippe and three SIRPA agents : Florence (YL) journalist, Yann director and cameraman and Didier cameraman and sound engeneer

    We thank a lot Jeff F6AOJ, Floyd N5FG, Toshi JA1ELY, Mike UA??ME, & Lee ZL2AL who will be our pilot stations.

    Floyd N5FG & Jeff F6AOJ were more than ever making big efforts in the back office, thanks again..

    The Dxpedition is planned for July 9 to 28, 2009.


    About the callsign :

    For the first time, Gloriosos will be active under the new French Antarctic and Australes Territories (TAAF) regulation so the callsign claimed is: FT5GA – for which the confirmation is pending.

    From the year 2005, the ??Iles Eparses ??  – Gloriosos, Tromelin, Juan da Nova and Europa – are now put under the TAAF authority.

    The future callsigns will be issued as follow:

    • FR/G becomes FTxG Gloriosos
    • FR/E becomes FtxE, Europa
    • FR/T becomes FTxT, Tromelin
    • FR/J becomes FTxJ, Juan da Nova
    • No change for FTxW (Crozet), FTxY (Terre Ad?Å lie), FTxX (Kerguelen) et FTxZ (Amsterdam)


    Major Didier SENMARTIN, Radioamateur F5OGL.

    [circulated by Maurice, F5NQL]