Funding for Operations from Rare IOTA Groups

    • By IOTA Manager G3KMA

    With the 50th Anniversary IOTA Marathon starting in January it would be great if we could get together a list of organisations who would be prepared in principle to help fund operations from the rarer IOTA groups during this two year period. Without lots of operations from this tier of IOTA groups the marathon will not achieve the success it deserves. For this purpose we have decided that “rarer IOTA groups” means groups worked by less than 33% of record-holders at the start of day 1 of the operation.

    Would DX funding bodies and individuals who are prepared to contribute to this two year IOTA initiative please let me know on The intention is that grants would be made directly by contributors to the operation involved as is current usual practice, not through the IOTA Committee. However if we get a good response, we will consider providing some additional funding from a source of funds available to the IOTA Committee.