FW0NAR – Wallis & Futuna

    UPDATE @ 19:00UTC – Info directly from Laci, FW0NAR/P on Futuna OC-118 via Pilot station, KH6CG

    Log update will appear shortly. Laci said 20 meters was great, but seems he could not use 40 which is extremely noisy during the day and night, maybe QRN from the nearby airport. So he is using 30 meters if 20 does not work during night time. His 30 meter opening was shorter to EU than other days.

    The FW0NAR/P operation will close on 16th February around 17:00 UTC.

    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/FW0NARP_0.mp3|titles=FW0NAR-P OC-118]

    1600-1800 GMT period I will focus on upper bands as we have nice opening to whole NA on 10 or 12 meters (1 or 2 hours just after our sunrise). Our sunset is very good for EU so 0500-0800 GMT will be focused on 20 meters during the night. 40 meters will be used if 20m is not usable anymore. Mainly CW and some Phone at the last days! Around the typical IOTA frequencies 14040, 21040, 28040 CW on 17m 18085  and 24895 on 12m on 40m around 7031-7033. Of course no operation on 80 and 160 meters. I cannot accept any special questions for SKED during this 3 day period.

    Callsign: FW0NAR