Gloriosos 2009: Official Press Release


     Gloriosos 2009, Official Press Release:

    Click for FT5GA website
    Click for FT5GA website

    The FT5GA team has in hand, the flight tickets from Paris CdG to St Denis, Reunion Island airport. The departure is scheduled on September 11th and the return on October 8th.

    The information about the French Forces Transall flight from Saint Denis to Grande Glorieuse will be published as soon as the FASZOI Hq will have confirmed them. (FASZOI = French Armed Forces for the South Indian Ocean Zone)

    The stay on Grand Glorieuse is considered about three weeks in length.

    All the gear has been picked up and is now ready packed on pallets, to be sent to Reunion island, in the next few days. Thanks especially for that to the Provins ARC, F6KOP members Serge, F6AML and Frank, F4AJQ.

    Please forward and spread this information without any change.


    Didier, F5OGL team leader for Gloriosos 2009