The Gloriosos 2009 is a new time postponed because of flight problems. We think, however, the DXpedition could be begin at the end of August. The runway on Grande Glorieuse suffers heavy problems of stability which have to be solved very quickly, in next July, to allow again the jumbo planes landing with full security.

    This postponing will allow us to include new operators, David, F8CRS, and Bernard, F5LPY. Seven operators will go to FT5G.

    Three stations will be active 24h a day and the 3rd dedicated to monitor the 6 meter. This last station will be used back on HF if propagation opens the lower bands.

    The length of the stay is always scheduled for three weeks if no other change will happen.

    We must once again remain all of you, that the landing on these islands is very difficult and the Go signal is given only when all the security measures are in place, known and applied.

    We have to thank a lot for their help, the French Australes and Antarctic Territories Administration, The South Indian Ocean Zone Forces Headquarter, and the Commandment of the French Foreign Legion detachment in Mayotte.

    More News to be published in due time.

    Gloriosos 2009 crew


    Apart these two texts, we can say, even if the first event which made the July 2009 Gloriosos, postponed haven??t happen, the today??s aircrash of the Yemenia A310 at sea, after 2 hours of flight, is a new event which might have made the DXpedition postponed in any case.

    The plane which will have been used to come from La Reunion to Glorieuses, is now on the zone and participates to the researches of survivings for an unknown length of time…

    These events and to reinforce the runway have been considered by the French Authorities. For the most security, please wait again with us some more weeks.

    Didier will inform you with more details if necessary in due time.


    Maurice, F5NQL