GM0DHZ/P & GM3VLB/P – Orkney & Shetland Isles expedition

    By Andre GM3VLB (edited)

    Alex GM0DHZ and Andre GM3VLB are planning a 3+weeks expedition to islands in the Orkney (OI) and Shetland (SI) SCOTIA groups. Other than two of them, islands being considered are all uninhabited – it’s very difficult to state categorically which islands will be activated and on precisely which dates, WX dictates.

    • 31 August: fly to North Ronaldsay (OI33)
    • 2 September: fishing boat to Helliar Holm (OI15)
    • 3 to 15 September: No definite dates for any particular islands, but these are most likely to be (in order of “likelihood”) Noss (SI09), Papa (SI06), Hildasay (SI07), Vaila (SI10), Bigga (SI19), Hascosay (SI21), Linga (SI23)
    • 16 to 20 September: In order of “likelihood” again, Papa Stronsay (OI25), Linga Holm (OI21), Cava (OI09) and Calf of Eday (OI29).

    SHETLAND EU-012: Others less likely, but not ruled out: Vementry (SI13), Papa Little (SI14), West Linga (SI16), Linga (SI17) and Balta (SI25)

    ORKNEY EU-009: Others less likey, but not ruled out: Swona (OI01), Switha (OI03), Copinsay (OI12), Muckle Green Holm (OI20), Eynhallow (OI24), Holm of Scock Ness (OI26) and Faray (OI28).

    Andre says in the past 14 years, he has activated 252 islands, including 175 of the 200 SCOTIA islands (all the islands except the above 25 in OI and SI).