GM4FFF – Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve

    For the first time GM4FFF will be working from Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve (GMFF-024) on 29th and 30th May, 2010. Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve (NNR) is one of the largest areas of relatively undisturbed lowland raised bog in the European Community. Because of its natural heritage importance, it has been designated a European Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Quite simply, it is probably the biggest and best remaining raised bog in Western Europe. It is one of the last remaining natural landscapes in Scotland and is home to many plants, insects and birds. It also tells a fascinating story of the social and cultural history of people living in this part of Scotland. There is much to interest people.

    Our team consists of MMØDFV, GMØWRR, and GMØEZP. We are going to contact the reserve’s manager to make sure that we can have a place over there to stay overnight. The most important location references are – WAB Square: NS69; Grid Locator: IO76VD; Latitude: 56°09’12”N; Longitude: 04°10’39”W; IOTA: EU-005; EU Area: SC30 (Stirling). QSL-manager is MMØDFV.

    For more information on Flanders Moss NNR please have a look at the following pages: