Guest DX Authors

    From the outset, a major part of the development of DX was to be an interactive website. By that, people could leave helpful comments, provide answers to DX related queries and generally send any DXpedition news for publishing.

    Moving to a different level of interaction, there now exists the opportunity for readers to become authors.

    Have you ever thought it would be a good idea to write an article on the way you view DXing? Are you interested in stimulating a vast readership into joining and debating your written work? Have you time to write a DX report, with perhaps images or videos, of a place you operated from? Are you a Dxpeditioner? What’s your view on being the DX? Or, what is your take on Dxing in today’s ultra modern technological world?

    Now is your chance to be part of DX – become a guest author by clicking here and share your DX musings.