H40FN, H40FK, H40MS – Temotu

    Siegfried, DK9FN will be returning to Temotu in 2010 from February 6th – 19th and using the same callsign H40FN for CW operation. QSL via HA8FW, same as 2009. IOTA OC-065 Ngarando/Reef Islands.

    Furthermore Bernhard DL2GAC = H40MS will operate SSB and 3rd man Hans-Peter DG1FK = H40FK will mainly do PSK31 DIGI Mode. Both guys request their QSL card via home call. QSL cards will be sent out automatically via bureau.

    For those who want to have their QSL card directly are being requested to add minimum 2 US $ for postage. Donations are most welcome.

    CW-operation will concentrate activity mainly on 160/80m with the famous LOBSTER 2-ele Multiband Vertical, however depending on the condx the team are ready to work up to 6m. Full details