Ham Radio Peak


    During KL7DX Cleveland volcano DXpedition in 2008 team members Sergey Morozov RA3NAN, Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA and Yuri Shuskin N3QQ stumbled across an interesting fact while looking at the map of Chuginadak Island: “un-named mountain”.

    Look at the map of Chuginadak and you will see it is the highest Eastern point of the island at ~3840ft. Yuri Zaruba made a trip all the way to the top. Took him 11 hours. Last 3 minutes of this video show his efforts.

    After long discussions, the idea is to name it “Ham Radio Peak” to commemorate all Ham radio operators public service during national disasters as well as raise awareness about our hobby.

    Few potential roadblocks.

    • Island is part of Alaska Maritime Wildlife Refuge. New names rarely given. Exception: Educational purpose.
    • No local population who may support new name. Uninhabited island.

    Yuri mentions that paperwork is now ready to be submitted to U.S. Board on Geographic Names, however, to further support KL7DX’s goal email N3QQ @ NA-234 dot com with your name/call/mailing address and statement why the U.S. Board on Geographic Names should consider and approve the application.

    Yuri Sushkin
    N3QQ & KL7DX team