Happy Contesting!

    Probably the biggest contest of the year coming up. It would be a fitting tribute if CQWW contests this year were in memory of the C6APR team..

    Band conditions, particularly HF, have been very good for the last two days. Reports received suggest VK being worked easily in Europe on 10m, along with a whole host of SE Asia stations coming through too. 15m has been equally impressive also. Let’s hope these improved conditions continue. You may like to read Making Sense of 10m Propagation by G0KYA.


    Also, just in time for CQWW,  a new sunspot group appears to be forming, and growing quickly. Good timing! More info at Solar Cycle 24.com or Spaceweather.com — UPDATE: Sunspot number: 30

    Feel free to enter the DX-Chat Window before, during and after the contest.