HB0/HB9AON – Liechtenstein

    Message from Chris Huetten, DK8EY

    • Target: 7000 QSO’s / 10M points

    For the CQ-WW-DX-Contest at the end of October 2010 the RRDXA-group from Düsseldorf area will undertake a DXpedition to Triesenberg in Liechtenstein. We are QRV from the 27th of October to the 4th of November 2010.

    In contest the call HB0/HB9AON is used. The DXpeditioners are the well known and experienced hams: Diethelm DJ2YE, Eike DO2RE, Wilhelm DG3EX, Uli DF7EF, Heinz-Willi DL8EAQ, Karl DL6EAQ, Christian DL6KAC, Tom HB9DOD, Silvio HB9LCW and Rolf DL8DAW.

    Our antennas are four mono-Yagis mounted on four separate 17m-masts for 40-10m and three dipoles for the lowbands – all full-size. As RIG we will use our since 27 years reliable and approved equipment: 6x Kenwood TS-940, 5x Drake L4B and 1x Kenwood TL-922. With this we hope to reach our target “7000 QSOs” and a score of 10 million points.

    Everybody everywhere – call us!

    For detailed information contact:
    Heinz-Willi Fuchs, DL8EAQ@DARC.DE, Chris Huetten, DK8EY@RRDXA.EU