[Cancelled] Heard Island


    The DX fraternity is eagerly looking forward to the day that Heard Island VK0-H, in the top ten of the world’s most wanted DX entities, is activated again. Preliminary, but serious plans have begun to put this uninhabited sub-Antarctic island, in the Southern Indian Ocean, home to Mt Big Ben which is Australia’s highest mountain and active volcano, back on air in February 2013.

    The last VK-organised activations of this remote Australian territory were back in 1983, although it has been activated since then in 1997.

    In 2013 it is proposed to have a 13-member DXpedition team on the island for two weeks. Costs are expected to be in the order of $USD500,000.

    The key preliminaries are to seek a permit to land on the World Heritage Site marine reserve located some 4,000 kilometres southwest of mainland Australia.

    Chris VK3FY has already had discussions with the office of the relevant Australian Government Minister and submitted an application for Ministerial approval.

    An appropriate ship for this journey has been sourced and negotiations have begun with its owners.

    Once those steps are completed, or satisfactorily progressed, at least one callsign will be sought from the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and an internet website set up to keep everyone informed.

    Jim Linton VK3PC, Publicist for the Heard Island 2013 DXpedition

    September 1, 2010