HI8RCD/HH – Emergency Comms Station

    A committee of the Radio Club Dominicano, Inc. and the Dominican Union of Radio amateurs are making relevant preparations for the world to communicate with Port au Prince Haiti, a city devastated by an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude on the richter scale.

    The committee coordinated by the President of the RCD and the support of Pepe Goico HI8PGG will tentatively begin emergency radio comms on the morning of Friday, January 14 . They intend to install a base station with the callsign HI8RCD/HH, using all modes of communication in the amateur bands –  a mobile station using all the designated bands and emergency frequencies will be informing the world, too.

    The delegation will be composed initially of Pepe Goico and amateur radio members of the RCD and the Udra namely HI8FLB, HI8CJG, HI8DBF, HI8SAR, HI8JLH, HI8ROD and HI3TEJ.

    More info and updates @ http://www.hi8vb.tk/