The HK0NA QSL design has been completed and they are in the process of being printed. We expect delivery by the end of April.

    Our QSL Manager N2OO is posting QSL processing updates here. Watch this link for updates. Please understand that this QSL operation will take time to process. Please be patient. It is anticipated that cards should START to go out in the May-June timeframe. Cards will NOT be mailed all at once. They will be going out slowly as they are processed.

    A sample of the HK0NA QSL card be seen below. We wish to thank Stan SQ8X for the beautiful design work and Everett WZ8P of Franklin Printing for offering printing services.

    Remember that the fastest and most popular way to get your HK0NA QSL is to the use the Online Qsl Request System (OQRS).

    The HK0NA team hopes you enjoy the beautiful card. A lot of effort went into its design!

    HK0NA QSL design by Stan SQ8X