HL9QST – South Korea

    Aerial view Camp Carroll
    Aerial view Camp Carroll

    Mike, KE7WRJ will be arriving in S.Korea on the 9th of September and hopes to be operational no later than the 11th of September. He will be operating from 4 different locations in S.Korea over a 2 month period. The locations schedule is listed below.

    • 10 – 12 September: Seoul
    • 14 – 24 September: Camp Casey
    • 25 September – 18 October: Camp Humphreys
    • 19 – 29 October: Camp Carroll
    • 30 October – 13 November: Seoul

    The primary mode will be both CW and SSB operating on all bands from 40 meters through 10 meters depending on the propagation, in both the Extra and General portions of the bands.

    Station Equipment will consist of a 5000A by Flex Radio, a 3 element Yagi in a Bag from Super Antennas.