HS0ZJF, HS0ZJF/8, HS0ZJF/9, XU7AFU & XU7KOH – Thailand & Cambodia (IOTA)

    Planned operations 2011 from HS and XU

    I leave Belgium on January 9th 2011 for a 3 months stay in Thailand with a visit to Cambodia . My planning will be as follows:

    • Arrival in Bangkok on January 10th – Pathui (home base) on January 13th: putting up my radio station and antennas to be on the air as HS0ZJF.
    • AS101: Malay Peninsuala East Group – Koh Samui on January 20nd till February 15th as HS0ZJF/8 — Koh Tao on February 15th till February 20th as HS0ZJF/8.
    • AS126: Malay Peninsuala South West Group – I still have to decide which island it will be but my preference will be the Butang Group. I will try to be on the island on February 22nd till February 28th. Callsign: HS0ZJF/9.

    Cambodia: I plan to go to Cambodia from March 5th till March 15th and will be active again as XU7AFU from Kampong Som.

    If circumstances allow, I also will be active from AS133 (Koh Russei) as XU7KOH. All IOTA operations (except AS133) consist one-man operations, so the dates can change due the local circumstances. For the IOTA operations I build a Super Light Dxpedition version of a HEXAbeam for 10-12-15-17-20m. So I hope to able to work more Hams looking for a new IOTA.