HZ1FS/P – AS192, Red Sea Coast South/Jizan Province *New IOTA*

    Dear Friends

    Thursday 19 Mar to 23 Mar 2009 we will be oprating from AS-192. The callsign will be HZ1FS/P. The operators will be  HZ1FS ,HZ1MD &  7Z1SJ. Three radios with many antennas mainly the spiderbeam on 20,15,10 –  we will do some digital modes, but mainly voice.

    The island name will be announced on air ( most likely Amina or Hibar island) where we will stay there till Monday and we may extend if the living conditions are ok. We will operate split and we will call all continents, so please let us hear you.

    Best regards

    Mohamad HZ1MD