Images depicting Oroluk, OC-260 (V63MY & V63TO)

    Very many thanks to Mike, KM9D and Jan, KF4TUG in providing these exclusive images of their recent trip to Oroluk Lagoon. Below the picture gallery is a short write-up of the V63MY/V63TO expedition to OC-260, courtesy of Mike.

    We arrived from Pohnpei, entering at Keltie Pass and when we finally departed we continued westward via Pioneer Pass.

    We are currently lying at Colonia town, Yap; the western-most state in FSM.

    I did provide repair to the island’s Icom M700, recovering function of the panel-mounted power-on/off-switch. Before the repair they relied on an external switch to remove the power supply when the radio was not in use.

    The anchorage was distant from the island, about 1/2-mile and it was necessary to walk the last 400-meters or so if one wished to land at lower states of tide.

    The images were recorded during fair weather that existed at the start of the radio activity. Unfortunately during the majority of the days the winds were generally between 20 and 30 knots making for a rough anchorage. It did take several days to recover the gear from the island (moving during periods of relative calm) in an effort to keep items relatively dry and salt-free.

    We’re not as well organized or maybe as well equipped as those operators currently traveling aboard ‘Kwai’ in the Line Islands.

    During out visit there were 4-persons in residence at Oroluk, including Chief Yurias and 3 young men. We enjoyed their hospitality and carried fond memories on our departure.

    Enjoy the images.

    73 de Mike & Jan