IOTA Honour Roll and Annual Listing

    The deadline for the 2012 Honour Roll and Annual Listing approaches. Applications and updates submitted online on or before 31 January will count for the 2012 tables so long as the supporting cards sent to checkpoints are postmarked no later than that date. Updates postmarked after 31 January will be processed in the normal way but scores will be held over to 2013.

    Listing in the tables is restricted to those participants who have updated their scores at least once in the previous five years. In the case of the 2012 tables this means since the 2007 annual listings. If you wish to remain listed, check to see that you qualify and, if not, make a submission on or before 31 January 2012.

    Please submit online and not on paper – card volumes are now such that paper applications place an unacceptable burden on checkpoints. The 2012 tables will appear on this website in the Spring.