Italian DX Group open reply to Intrepid DX Group – Somalia

    Dear Paul N6PSE/Intrepid DX Group

    If the goal of your message was to hurt the planned 6O0CW DXpedition, you failed because as we say in Italy “Donkey’s bray can’t reach heaven”. We don’t like to exhibit our beneficence but unfortunately you insulted many people through us.

    1) Just to explain please refer to this link.

    2) You have hurt IK2CIO, actual Italian HF manager, who was personally invited by the Galkayo Hospital Director to take the ambulance.

    3) You have hurt IK2CIO’s son Andrea (9 years old) who since 5 years old is offering all his money to the Hospital and was appointed Ambassador at an official ceremony.

    4) You have hurt hundreds of Italian hams who offered us their money to make donations to the hospital and every year donate 0.5% of their income taxation (Italian law) to the Hospital after our previous dxpeditions.

    5) You have hurt dozens of Associazione Radioamnatori Italiani divisions who during and after our dxpeditions donated thousands of Euro to the Hospital.

    6) You have hurt Galkayo Hospital Director who is providing an international press release about your thoughts.

    7) But especially you have hurt hundreds of children we helped until today. We attach a picture of a boy who unfortunately passed away. It could be enough that some bucks may have saved his life, but all the money we sent there was over. We arrived too late and he died and, like him, every 6 minutes a child dies in Somalia because of dysentery, infections and malnutrition.

    In the time we write this letter some more children have lost their right to have a life.

    Before expressing arrogant opinions on Italian behavior, please think a lot and “wash your mouth” and respect the poor children’s life and their parents sorrow who know how to give everybody an example of what dignity really is, which you don’t recognize.

    This part of the reply we feel most important – we are not cheaters and dear ham fellows feel free to make donations to Galkayo Hospital through us or directly – we don’t care about formality but concreteness and results.

    Anyway, we can add other points. From June last year at Friedrichshafen Ham Fair we were in touch with an Intrepid DX Group member (who is going to Somalia with you) to organize a dxpedition in Somalia between April and May 2012!!! We made dozens of phone calls and e-mails with him and only in February 2012 he communicated he could not come with us because of job problems. He NEVER mentioned to us that another group was organizing a dxpedition to Somalia, but he perfectly knew we were doing that!

    So, what are you complaining about? Why did not you contact us ?

    Italian DXpedition Team