J28JV – Djibouti

    Vincent, F5MJV (ex FM5JV, FO5RN, FO0/F8UFT, and currently Union Francaise des Telegraphistes President) is assigned to Djibouti. The length of his stay is unknown yet, but it will be at least until 2011 and more likely until 2012. He has got his ticket which is now J28JV.

    First he will be QRV on weekends (Friday & Saturday) from his military location. He is expecting to be able to set up an antenna at home so he will be on the air also in the evenings. HF bands, including WARC, mainly in CW and digitals, SSB possible. QSL via F5NQL.

    Numerous QSY to the Gulf of Tadjoura group, AF- 053 especially on Mucha island, also WLOTA 1596, on weekends are scheduled. Vincent is picking up the gear necessary to set a portable station to go to. Vincent is sorry, but the Djiboutian regulations forbid him to go to the Saaoubia islands (aka Sept-Frères), AF-059.

    During his mission, Vincent will QSO with Darko/J28AA (E70A) and in July (around 15th), Freddy J28RO (F5IRO), will join them.


    Maurice, F5NQL