J3 Grenada Mini-Dxpedition

    UPDATE: Callsigns include: J38EA (K8EAB), J38VG (KC4VG), J38UN (N7UN), J38HFP (W6HFP), J38AVO (KB9AVO), J38AT (WG0AT).

    Members of the Buddies in the Caribbean 2012 will mount a mini-DXpedition to Grenada (J3) from February 1-9, 2012.

    The Buddipole team which specializes in 100 watt or less low power radios, and the Buddipole portable antenna systems, will have fixed operations from a cliff-top villa and portable operations from various points on the island using CW, SSB and digital modes on 160-10m.

    The team consists of the following operators: Chris W6HFP, Budd W3FF, Bill W7ZT, Steve WG0AT, Mike KC4VG, Guy N7UN, Paul KB9AVO and Weymouth K8EAB. Licensing is not yet complete but each operator is expected to receive their J3/call.

    QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or mail to operator’s home call (SASE required).