J38CW & J38/M3VCQ – Grenada

    Grenada shoreline
    Grenada shoreline

    Colin (J38CW/G3VCQ) and Sharon (M3VCQ) will be active on the island from the 12th – 26th March 2009.

    Colin is participating in the BERU CW contest on the 14th/15th and will be part of the “Rest of the World Team”. Operations will be from the beach QTH with FT857d, Expert SPE solid state amplifier. Antenna’s will range from a 3 el yagi for 14,18.21.24 and 28Mhz. On the lower bands the antennas will be verticals and Dipoles for 10,7 and 3.5Mhz. Modes will be SSB during none contest times and CW during the BERU of course.

    Colin will only work Commonwealth stations during the contest. Sharon J38/M3VCQ will also be active with Colin from the island (SSB only chaps!). If your local listen out for us on 2m 6m and 70cm.

    All QSL’s via G3VCQ please.