JJ8DEN/8 – Hokkaido Coastal Islands tour


    Yoshi, JJ8DEN plans to be active from the following islands around the Hokkaido coastline:

    • JJ8DEN/8 July 28-29 Rishiri Island, Rishirifuji Town, AS-147
    • JJ8DEN/8 July 30-31 Rebun Island, Rebun Town, AS-147
    • JJ8DEN/8 Aug 01-02 Rishiri Island, Rishiri Town, AS-147
    • JJ8DEN/8 Aug 04-05 Teuri Island, Haboro Town, AS-147
    • JJ8DEN/8 Aug 06-07 Yagishiri Island, Haboro Town, AS-147

    Activity will be on 7MHz – 50MHz CW, RTTY, PSK31, JT65A. This schedule might be cancelled without notice due to sea conditions.