JS3OMH/6 – Tokara Archipelago, AS-049

    • UPDATE from Taka JR3TVH:

    Good news. JS3OMH/6 Ken called me – he has a plan to return to Taira Island from Kuchino-shima Island tomorrow morning. High waves after the typhoon in Kuchibishima stranded him in the island for two days on account of the typhoon. He will be active on 40 to 15m band until 1400UTC (2300JST) tonight at KUCHINOSHIMA island.

    Ken JS3OMH/6 is now staying at Kuchinoshima island, Kagoshima prefecture. Due to a typhoon, storm winds and heavy rain have forced Ken to abandon his visit to the very rare island of Taira. However, Kuchinoshima also counts as AS-049.

    He worked some EU stations today, but weak. He will still stay four more days to work as many European stations as possible. QRV on 40-30-20-17m CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31.