JT1UN & JT1YO: 1st ever EME from Mongolia

    QTH: JT1KAA Mongolian Amateur Radio Society
    QTH: JT1KAA Mongolian Amateur Radio Society

    This is a journey to activate Zone 23 and Mongolia on 2 meter EME. It is fueled by enthusiasm, restrained by time, dreamed by many and financed by contributions and handshakes within the EME community.

    This will be a short visit (October 11 to 15) with full attention being given to each moon pass of JT1UN. I will be operating from both the headquarters of the Mongolian Amateur Radio Society, MARS, JT1KAA and hopefully also from JT5 in the Tov or Selenge provinces. My call will always be JT1UN or JT1UN/JT5 when mobile outside the Ulaanbaatar province.

    JT1UN Website / JT1YO Website

    Jeremy W7EME