JX5O at LoTW now

    • Message from Stan SQ8X, the JX5O 2011 team leader:

    I’d like to inform the ham radio community that the JX5O DXpedition to Jan Mayen Island has been successfully validated at the ARRL DXCC Desk and received a DXCC credit. Since then, I can’t wait anymore to share our JX5O log at LoTW and uploading the log now – enjoy! Note it may take 1 or 2 hours to propagate records across the LoTW system.

    Another update regards a major log check-in/corrections. I have receive a couple of dozen inquires and went through all of them and accepted some of them. Please check our latest log update at to see the changes provided at http://www.clublog.org/charts/?c=JX5O#r.  All changes include corrections to ALL ACCEPTED check-in requests received by August 27, 2011.

    Some news regarding the JX5O QSL status. The cards are about to be printed in the beginning of September. Once we receive them from the printing shop, shipping starts immediately. Be patient, please.

    And at last, but not the least, a big number of previously unpublished pictures from the JX5O landed in our online gallery. Please visit http://janmayen2011.org/gallery to see almost 200 pictures submitted.

    We are also working on a few longer HD video clips recorded at JX5O. They will be exclusively published at DX-World.net soon.

    I’d like to thank Per-Einar LA7DFA, Rag LA6FJA, LA5O Ringsjoen Contest Club, Borea Adventures and the Jan Mayen Island Commissioner for their great input and help to make JX5O possible.


    Stan SQ8X, JX5O team leader