JX5O – QSL status

    • Important update by Stan SQ8X, team leader JX5O

    Since there’s a delay with JX5O QSL cards coming out, and many inquires received at my mail box, the current situation deserves a clear explanation to all concerned.

    In August 2011 I had been diagnosed a serious illness that put my life all upside-down. I really stopped counting how many times I’ve been to a hospital or clinic since then. I also had to put all things like my job, not to mention – hobbies – totally aside for a long while. After many months, I start to recover and feeling slightly better. I also finally got some time to take care of things that really bother me because of the delay. One of them is JX5O QSL management, which I declare I’m still in charge of.

    I know that many DXers who worked us at Jan Mayen are very anxious about receiving confirmation from JX5O. Unfortunately, the reason of the delay has been really serious. And the only thing I ask for now is a little bit more patience.

    All OQRS requests and direct requests are secured and there is no need to re-send them or to worry that your card has been lost. Polish postal service works fine and it rarely happens to lose any mail sent to my address.

    A single and special full-colour double folded QSL card is being designed and printed. The design will be published online soon. Additionally, all premium QSL requests – as well as donors – apart the double card – will be honoured with a special downloadable digital JX souvenir: a HD video documentary shot by me during JX5O. The file will be available in low-compression superb quality HD 720p format.

    Once I start to process cards I will confirm that on the JX5O website and our facebook page.

    All the Best of greetings and thanks for your kind support and good thoughts.

    73 de Stan SQ8X