K4D – Dauphin Island, NA-213

    • Message from Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT

    Plans are complete for the Atlanta-based team of hams heading to activate Sand Island Lighthouse, Dauphin Island, Alabama, on September 25-30.

    This will activate a lighthouse (ARLHS USA-723) and a rarely activated island (IOTA NA-213).  The team has members from several clubs in the Atlanta area and consists of Ricky K4JTT (team leader), Steve KC4YBO, Tim WK4U, Ernie KJ4VUX,  John KI4IYC, James N4DU and Joe WD4FGB.

    Expedition special event call sign is K4D.

    Live feed

    Operating frequencies will be on/around the IOTA watering holes on 40m, 20m, and 17m.

    CW: 7.000-7.015 MHz; 18.080-18.090 MHz; 14.050-14.065 MHz
    SSB: 7.175-7.195 MHz; 18.120-18.135 MHz; 14.250-14.275 MHz
    Digital:  7.030 MHz; 18.075 MHz; 14.070 MHz

    Other bands may be activated as conditions warrant.

    For the past two years the Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club (KARC) has sponsored  teams to activate an IOTA / Lighthouse Island Expedition.  The objective of these events is foster community involvement, bring excitement to a new level of HF operation, and most of all have fun.  These events have been a memorable experience and have logged QSO’s in excess of 4000.  Some of the achievements have been Working 50+ countries, Worked All States, and Worked all Continents.  In addition, the teams worded over 400 prefixes and twenty-two zones.

    Sponsors for this year’s activation include Yaesu for the radios and Alpha Delta who will provide the antennas. A special call, K4D, has been assigned by the FCC for this activation. Updated information can be found on www.w4bti.org.

    All QSO’s will be confirmed with a 4 color card through the bureau or directly to the address shown at www.qrz.com. The logs will be uploaded to LOTW and eQSL.cc.