K6VVA/KL7 – IOTA activation plans

    By Rick, K6VVA

    My 2006 NA-178 (Farallon Islands) team partner Mike/K9AJ and I had planned to be operational today from NA-242 (first time activation), but have rescheduled our trip plans for a 3 day QRV with 2 stations sometime during the period of July 21st to July 25th, 2011. Local WX condx will dictate the exact 3 days. The new timetable should put us on the Island after the local Beluga whale hunt in the lagoon, and prior to the walrus haulouts (which increases the possibility of polar bears).

    Better propagation should prevail next year, and there is more time now to hopefully solidify a side trip to NA-172 while we are up in the North Slope of Alaska area. I may stay longer in the Region to try and do NA-004 and NA-050, unless the arrangements for two other new ones I’m working on (NA-232/St. Matthew Island and NA-240/Bethel County Group) can be finalized in time which would shift priorities.

    Due to the remoteness and high cost of goods and services in Alaska, NA-242 will be an expensive IOTA expedition by itself, as we need to hire 2 fully armed security guards to be with us on the Island (brown bears have also been a problem there). Fred/N6AWD will handle the QSL cards, and my long time friend Jim/W6SC (also a KL7 Iditarod volunteer) will be the Pilot Station. I hope to have the NA-242 website up and running soon and will post the URL.