KH0AC – Silent Key

    Message from Iain MacDonnell, N6ML
    [Forwarding post to cq-contest list from K7JA]

    I am deeply saddened to report that Dr. Len Kaufer, KH0AC, became a Silent Key today in his home on beautiful Saipan.

    Len, formerly KG6SW, went out to the Trust Territory of Saipan in the 1960s as a Jesuit priest. He brought his longtime love of Amateur Radio with him, and eventually met an island girl named Connie Tenorio. Connie won out over the priesthood, and they eventually got married after a personal letter from the Pope (!) convinced Connie’s strict father that it really would be OK if she married a “former” priest.

    Len was everyone’s Saipan multiplier for many years. I met him, for the first time, in 1976 in Honolulu, where we met up with Katashi Nose and Johnny Johnston, and then Len and I flew together on Air Micronesia from Honolulu to Johnston to Kwajalein to Majuro to Ponape to Truk to Guam and finally to Saipan on the famous island-hopper. The 17-hour flight was an incredible adventure for a young K7VPF, as was the experience of working the All Asia DX Contest as KG6SW in ’76, one hop away from Tokyo.

    Len was an incredible gentleman, excited about DX and Ham Radio in general until the last.

    I am so very sad at the passing of a real Ham and a very close friend.

    73, Dr. Len. We love ya!

    Chip Margelli, K7JA