KH0UA in CQ WPX Contest 2010

    The story of this year’s CQ WPX SSB contest is more than likely to be that of young Yoshiki, KH0UA.

    Yoshiki’s father, W1FPU – Kuny, has written to say that KH0UA has now amassed almost 2000 QSO’s with a current score of over 3.6M. At time of writing, the contest still has a few hours to go, so we will update final result. Kuny mentions Yoshiki’s score is:

    very close to world 1st score of Rookie in 2009.

    Within the next few weeks KH0UA videos will be appearing on You Tube, similar to these.

    UPDATE: Kuny – Yoshiki’s father – has been in touch to say KH0UA topped a score of 3.8M points. However, his Rookie score may be rounded down due to logging mistakes.

    Yoshiki is too young to have the knowledge of all DX callsigns, so sometimes he logged the wrong call which have never been allocated, says Kuny.

    After the contest, KH0UA and a fellow young operator Eri, WH0/WH7ZJ decided to have lunch to celebrate their achievements. Eri is 10 years old and the daughter of WN1Y (JA1MFR). She has just passed US Technician exam. WH0/WH7ZJ entered SOSB 10m Lowpower Rookie  and made more than 600QSOs. Both Yoshiki and Eri can be seen below! Congrats to both!

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