[Cancelled] KH3/W7KFI – Johnston Atoll

    • Stan KH6CG informs:

    April 9, 2012  — Susan has OFFICIALLY GIVEN UP on KH3.

    January 10, 2012 — Outwith Susan’s control, a further delay in going to KH3 has occured – hopefully she can still arrive at the island by end of February/early March.

    December 24, 2011 – Yesterday, Stan spoke with Susan and confirms rumours that her KH3 Johnston Island planned operation has been postponed for 4-6 weeks. This is primarily due to USF&W (Fish & Wildlife) requiring that Susan pulls her boat out of the water and has the hull scraped, then repainted. Permission [to land] would then be granted. The shipyard who would do this work cannot get Susan an appointment until approx four weeks from now, so shove off date will be beginning February at earliest. Susan reaffirms she will definitely be going, and KH3 will happen, but now no firm date for the moment. Her permission to operate is through February. It’s worth noting USF&W would prefer Susan to have the hull scraped and push off date within two weeks from now, however as already mentioned the shipyard cannot do the required work until four weeks time.

    November 10, 2011 – Earlier today Stan spoke with Susan W7KFI whereby she confirmed her permit to access Johnston Atoll  has been extended to January / February 2012.

    Stan says her plan is to leave Honolulu on (approx) January 15, 2012 arriving KH3 some 5-7 days later, depending on wind. She’ll operate for seven days setting up a tent on the pier, where it will be over land, using a 43ft vertical set into sand.

    She has informed the ARRL of this station set up so they are aware for [pending] DXCC approval. Additionally, Susan will take photos and is expecting an Elecraft banner to be sent to her soon via the company; Susan will use a K3 on CW/SSB mainly.

    In short, according to Susan, she should be QRV from about January 21st, and if there is a delay for any reason she can operate through February.