KH8/N9YU, 5W7A & 3D2R

    REMINDER – Rotuma next.

    During April, Hrane YT1AD will be active from Rotuma, Fiji, Samoa and American Samoa in preparation for the upcoming expedition in September to Conway Reef. Dates as follows:

    • KH8/N9YU from Pago Pago between April 7-9, 2012.
    • 5W7A from Apia between April 9-11, 2012.
    • 3D2R from Rotuma between April 13-20, 2012.

    Hrane will visit Rotuma with Tevita Rokobaro, 3D2TR from the Fiji Ministry of Tourism and Communications. During this visit they will help students at the Rotuma High School 3D2RI club with new donations, antenna rotor donated by K6MKF and an HF LPA 500W, donated by YT1AD.

    KH8/N9YU [audio:|titles=KH8-N9YU-20-CW]

    5W7A [audio:|titles=5W7A-20-CW]

    3D2R [audio:|titles=3D2R-15-CW]